UAE Phishing Security Survey

Today, as organizations expand their use of advanced secure technologies, hackers are attempting to break into organizations by targeting the weakest link: the uneducated computer user. The paper below shows the need for security awareness programs in schools, universities, governments, and private organizations in the Middle East by presenting results of several security awareness studies conducted among students and professionals in UAE in 2010.

One of the studies focuses on studying the chances of general users to fall victims to phishing attacks which can be used to steal bank and personal information. Results of an approved phishing audit made without notice within the academic organization (American University of Sharjah) is presented. The study is the first-of-its kind in UAE and has shown to be very useful in increasing the general security awareness.

The audit results are summarized below:

AUS 2007 Audit -

AUS 2010 Audit - For more information about Phishing and the Approved Phishing Audit, please see the papers below:

The Need for Effective Information Security Awareness
F. Aloul
Journal of Advances in Information Technology (JAIT), 3(3), 176-183, 2012.

Information Security Awareness in UAE: A Survey Paper
F. Aloul
IEEE International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST), London, UK, pp. 1-6, November 2010.

UAE news articles related to Phishing Attacks:

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