UAE Wireless Security (WarDrive) Survey


Some of the wireless security data was published in the following papers:

  1. The Need for Effective Information Security Awareness
    F. Aloul
    Journal of Advances in Information Technology (JAIT), 3(3), 176-183, 2012.

  2. Information Security Awareness in UAE: A Survey Paper
    F. Aloul
    IEEE International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST), London, UK, pp. 1-6, November 2010.

  3. Wireless Security in UAE: A Survey Paper
    A. Kalbasi, O. Alomar, M. Hajipour, and F. Aloul
    4th IEEE GCC Conference, Bahrain, November 2007.

General tips for securing your wireless network:

  1. Change your default router's network name (SSID) to a random value (not a name that can identify you)
  2. Keep the SSID broadcasting on.
  3. Enable wireless network encryption (avoid WEP, use WPA or WPA2)
  4. Create an administrator password for your router (pick something long and difficult to guess)
  5. Disable remote login to your router.
  6. If you have a PC connected physically with a cable (i.e. via LAN) to the router, then disable wireless administration of your router.
  7. Make sure strangers cannot physically access your router.
  8. Do not bother with MAC Address Filtering.

An easy guide can be found at: WikiHow.

Another image-based guide can be found at: cnetReviews.

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