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SymCon 2008

   Symmetries occur frequently in CSPs. When undetected, they cause thrashing during traditional backtracking search by redundantly exploring symmetric parts of the search space. The topic was discussed as far back as 1874 by Glaisher, and new techniques to detect and/or break symmetry have been proposed in recent years. However, many outstanding problems remain. For instance, the detection and exploitation of local, dynamic, and weak forms of symmetry remains a challenge.

   The workshop is a forum for researchers to present advances in symmetry breaking techniques and to discuss the above or other open problems. Additionally, the workshop welcomes the presentation of applications and case studies that exhibit some form of symmetry. The workshop is relevant to the computational group theory (CGT) community because CGT is often the theory underlying many symmetry breaking techniques. Importantly, the organizers welcome submissions from researchers working in other areas of Artificial Intelligence who feel that their work would be of interest to the CP community. Such areas include planning, model checking, QBF formulas, finite model search, and theorem proving in FOL.

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